LFO 2011 has started!
Monday, 13 june 2011 (11:18)

An exceptional classical concert was the first event of II Life Festival Oświęcim 2011. On Saturday, June 11th the audience gathered in Oświęcim’s Cultural Center could hear masterpieces by Strauss, Ravel and Tchaikovsky. »

Peaceful cooking at Oświęcim’s Old City Square
Friday, 27 may 2011 (11:02)

Life Festival brings not only food for thought but also for the body. “We Cook For Peace!” is a project held by young cooks from Poland, Germany and France who will present regional cuisines on Friday, June 17th at Old City Square in Oświęcim. »

Matisyahu – an exclusive interview
Wednesday, 25 may 2011 (16:59)

A month before his performance at Life Festival Matisyahu says about his inspirations, reminiscences of Poland and expectations towards his show in Oświęcim. »

RotFront’s invitation to Life Festival
Monday, 23 may 2011 (11:01)

Yuriy Gurzhy, singer and guitarist of RotFront joined the artist inviting to their show at Life Festival Oświęcim 2011. »


Final concert

MOSiR Stadium, OświęcimJames Blunt
T. Love