About Life Festival

Life Festival Oświęcim is an international music festival in Oświęcim, which takes place annually. The Festival was started by a noted music journalist and radio RMF FM speaker, Darek Maciborek, who is also its artistic director.

The main concept of the Festival is building peaceful relations beyond cultural and state borders in which there is no place for anti-Semitism, racism, and other forms of xenophobia. The message of peace and tolerance comes from the town that neighbors the largest Nazi German concentration and extermination camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau, established during WWII. This site is the primary symbol of the Holocaust today – the murder of the Jewish people as well as of the extermination of other nations including Roma and Sinti, Poles, and Russians.

The first Festival in 2010 attracted over 15,000 people.

The three-day festival concerts took place at the charming market square. The audience had a chance to hear Mosa Sisic & The Gipsy Express, an amazing family of musicians gathered around its virtuoso leader – violinist Mosa Sisic. It took only several minutes for the Israeli band Hatikva 6 to captivate the audience gathered at the market square. Crowds jumped high in the air singing words in Hebrew and English; words about peace, tolerance, and love. Next was a renowned Polish singer with her band – Kasia Kowalska. Her concert, including her hit songs, was a crowd favorite. Many encores later the crowd reluctantly went home or to the local pubs.

The second day was a mixture of sophisticated and touching performance of Mahler's symphony in a church. Film screenings focused on the Balkans and Israel were shown. The classical concert turned out to be a huge success. The orchestra under maestro Pawel Przytocki and with an internationally recognized soprano Marjana Lipovšek swept the audience off their feet.

We heard folk in a variety of forms – music of Roma from Hungary (Nomada), Polish highlanders combined forces with reggae straight from Jamaica (Trebunie Tutki and Twinkle Brothers), a famous Polish band with their Ukrainian friends (Voo Voo and UkraInni), a popular Polish group Varius Manx and a star of the evening, Ray Wilson and Berlin Symphony Ensemble.

The second edition will present renowned international artists from all over the world. You can be sure to find something fabulous, unexpected, big, new or classical. You will also find people who think positive and want to spread good vibes.Pop, folk and, classical music, movie screenings, theatre performances, workshops – all this and more.