A band led by Ulf Lindemann is surely one of the most influential messengers of the global beats of the XXI century. Their music reminds of an imaginary river – leading from India, through Orient towards the West: the Balkans and further. Reggae, dub, hip-hop and dancehall meet electro-swing, Balkan beats and urban klezmer music.

Ulf Lindemann – composer, producer, DJ – was born in 1979 in Hamburg but in 2001 moved to Vienna. Thanks to his music he is able to travel all over the world: New York, Melbourne, San Francisco, Barcelona, Istanbul, Paris, London, Cape Town – these are only some stops on his endless journey which presents a collage of urban world music. Thanks to collaboration with artists such as: jak Harry Stojka, Waldeck, Fanfare Ciocarlia, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, Solo Moderna, Boban Markovic Orkestra, 17 Hippies, 5nizza, Balkan Beat Box, !Deladap or Stefano Miele he is still expanding and recreating his exceptional musical universe.

„The world offers a breathtaking variety of music. I wouldn’t dare thinking of focusing on only one musical style. We are travelling all over the world with our audience. Released from the limits of time we dance in different countries, different continents, drunk with the endless beauty of music.” – says Ulf Lindemann

Discography (albums):
2003: Wackelkontakt
2004: Mandeltraeume
2005: Balkan Hot Step
2007: Morgenlandfahrt
2009: Sun Dub – A Spicy Blend
2009: Raindrops & Elephants – Piranha ReInterpretations
2010: Sun Dub Vol. 2 - A Spicy Blend

Live band:
Cloud Tissa - vocals, percussions, electronics, keyboards
Hidan Mamudov – clarinet, effects
Jimi D - vocals, guitar, bass, beatbox
El Pirado - trumpet, horns
Dr Schimansky - vocals, percussions, electronics, overdubs, beatbox
Mr Dunkelbunt - piano, synthesizer, vocals, gramophones, beatbox

Official website:

Gallery [dunkelbunt]