T. Love

T. Love

This legendary Polish rock band was formed in 1982 in Częstochowa by Muniek Staszczyk. Their first name was T.Love Alternative. Their inspirations were punk and new wave, and bands like The Clash, Sex Pistols, Buzzocks, Jam, Kryzys and Tilt. They were also under the influence of reggae, ska and the 60’s.

They recorded their first cassette „Nasz bubelon” in 1984, right after playing at cult festival in Jarocin. A year later they released their second cassette „Chamy idą”. Their songs „Wychowanie" and "IV liceum" were hymns of a young generation in the 80’s.

W 1990 the group was re-formed. The only person who survived from the original squad was the leader Muniek Staszczyk. Released in 1991 the album „Pocisk miłości" has brought a hit-single „Warszawa”. Along their greatest hits are: „King”, „I Love You”, "Syn miasta", "Potrzebuję wczoraj", "Bóg", „Chłopaki nie płaczą”, „Jak żądło” and many more. Their last album to date was called „I Hate Rock’n’Roll” (2006).

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