LFO 2011 has started!
Monday, 13 june 2011 (11:18)

An exceptional classical concert was the first event of II Life Festival Oświęcim 2011. On Saturday, June 11th the audience gathered in Oświęcim’s Cultural Center could hear masterpieces by Strauss, Ravel and Tchaikovsky. »

Peaceful cooking at Oświęcim’s Old City Square
Friday, 27 may 2011 (11:02)

Life Festival brings not only food for thought but also for the body. “We Cook For Peace!” is a project held by young cooks from Poland, Germany and France who will present regional cuisines on Friday, June 17th at Old City Square in Oświęcim. »

Matisyahu – an exclusive interview
Wednesday, 25 may 2011 (16:59)

A month before his performance at Life Festival Matisyahu says about his inspirations, reminiscences of Poland and expectations towards his show in Oświęcim. »

RotFront’s invitation to Life Festival
Monday, 23 may 2011 (11:01)

Yuriy Gurzhy, singer and guitarist of RotFront joined the artist inviting to their show at Life Festival Oświęcim 2011. »

Amnesty International supports Life Festival
Monday, 16 may 2011 (12:18)

A well-known international organization has become an official partner of Life Festival. »

Classics for a start
Thursday, 12 may 2011 (12:52)

An exceptional concert by Dalibor Karvay, soloists of the Vienna Opera and Orchestra of the Karol Szymanowski's Philharmonic in Cracow will take place in Oświęcim Cultural Center on Saturday, June 11th. This will be the first event of II Life Festival Oświęcim 2011. »

Greetings from [dunkelbunt]
Tuesday, 10 may 2011 (21:21)

Ulf Lindemann, leader of the band [dunkelbunt] has sent us special greetings from Tel Aviv, where they had started their summer tournee. »

The best songs by James Blunt according to RMF FM listeners
Thursday, 21 april 2011 (17:14)

„You’re Beautiful” was acclaimed the best James Blunt’s song by the listeners of RMF FM – the biggest Polsih radio station. Blunt will play this song live during the final concert of II Life Festival Oświęcim. »

Mural by Edward Dwurnik on Live Festival
Wednesday, 20 april 2011 (10:00)

Edward Dwurnik, famous Polish painter and graphic artist will make a project of special mural for II Life Festival Oświęcim. The piece will be exposed on Thursday, June 16th. »

Tickets for „White Blouse” on sale
Monday, 11 april 2011 (11:26)

Since Monday, 11.04, in the Oświęcim’s Cultural Center one can buy tickets for a monodrama „White Blouse” played by Krystyna Janda. »

A monodrama „White Blouse” by Agnieszka Osiecka played by Krystyna Janda
Wednesday, 30 march 2011 (10:00)

Music is not the only art form represented at Life Festival 2011. A monodrama „White Blouse” played by Krystyna Janda will be presented on Thursday, June 16th in the Oświęcim’s Cultural Center. »

A special message from Kana
Wednesday, 23 march 2011 (10:00)

Watch the video sent to us by French band Kana. »

Kana and [dunkelbunt] at the World Artists concert
Wednesday, 23 march 2011 (10:00)

French band Kana and Austrian [dunkelbunt] are amongst the artists who will participate in the World Artists concert at Oświęcim’s Old City Square. As was announced earlier, at the same concert (Friday, June 17th) will play a famous Polish band Blue Cafe together with Polish and Jamaican friends. »

T.Love and RotFront will play at the final concert
Wednesday, 16 march 2011 (10:00)

T.Love and RotFront will play at the final concert of Life Festival Oświęcim 2011, alongside with James Blunt and Matisyahu. This makes the complete line-up of the evening (June 18th, MOSiR Stadium, Oświęcim). »

Blue Cafe and Jamaican friends will play at the World Artists concert
Wednesday, 16 march 2011 (10:00)

A popular Polish band Blue Cafe with Polish and Jamaican friends will play at the World Artists concert. This event, a part of Life Festival 2011, will take place on Friday, June 17th at The Old City Square in Oświęcim. »

A message from Matisyahu to Life Festival
Wednesday, 09 march 2011 (11:20)

Watch video sent by Matisyahu from his Brooklyn's apartment »

Matisyahu – another star of Life Festival Oświęcim 2011
Wednesday, 09 march 2011 (10:00)

Matisyahu – an artist known for blending traditional Jewish themes with reggae, rock and hip hop beat-boxing sounds, will perform on the final day (June 18th) of Life Festival Oświęcim 2011, at MOSiR Stadium. »

James Blunt on Life Festival Oświęcim 2011!
Wednesday, 23 february 2011 (23:52)

The international mega-star will headline the final concert of the festival, on June 18th (MOSiR Stadium, Oświęcim). Blunt has sold over 18 million records and sung hits such as „You’re Beautiful”, „Goodbye My Lover”, „1973” or „Stay The Night”. On the upcoming tournee he will be promoting his new album „Some Kind Of Trouble”. »

Life Festival 2011
Tuesday, 25 january 2011 (15:20)

Life Festival Oświęcim 2011 starts on Saturday, June 11th. During the four festival’s days (June 11th, 16th, 17th and 18th) a variety of artists will present their work in the field of music, theatre, painting etc. »