Mural by Edward Dwurnik on Live Festival

Wednesday, 20 april 2011 (10:00)

Edward Dwurnik, famous Polish painter and graphic artist will make a project of special mural for II Life Festival Oświęcim. The piece will be exposed on Thursday, June 16th.

Edward Dwurnik is a high-profile figure on the Polish contemporary art scene. Uncompromising and provocative, capricious and unpredictable, with devilish sense of humour, he has always evoked polarised reactions and introduced creative ferment, inspiring the youngest generations of artists.

His mural will refer to the peaceful message of Life Festival.

„Oświęcim is a specific place, associated with a museum and Holocaust. But the organizers want to break the spell of this place, let the city to get rid of trauma of the camp. So I will paint young people playing beautiful, orange double-basses against a background of my beloved Prussian blue colour.” – says Dwurnik.

The artist supports the idea of Live Festival, which promotes peaceful coexistence of people representing different cultures.

“I guess it’s a great idea. This place is an extraordinary symbol of the 20th century. It’s good to have Life Festival in Oświęcim. People who will come here probably will visit Auschwitz museum too.”

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