Peaceful cooking at Oświęcim’s Old City Square

Friday, 27 may 2011 (11:02)

Life Festival brings not only food for thought but also for the body. “We Cook For Peace!” is a project held by young cooks from Poland, Germany and France who will present regional cuisines on Friday, June 17th at Old City Square in Oświęcim.

The action starts from 5.00 pm. There will be a chance to taste food but also to speak to the authors of the project and learn about Polish-German youth exchange programs and international job practice.

Official partners of the project: Internationaler Bund Polska (Cracow), Gastronomical School (Warsaw), Internationaler Bund e.V. – Hotel am Schlachtensee (Berlin), Educational Center IFI 03 (Avermes).

Sponsors: Polish-German Youth Cooperation, Potsdam/Warsaw (, German-French Youth
Cooperation, Paris/Berlin (