The best songs by James Blunt according to RMF FM listeners

Thursday, 21 april 2011 (17:14)

„You’re Beautiful” was acclaimed the best James Blunt’s song by the listeners of RMF FM – the biggest Polsih radio station. Blunt will play this song live during the final concert of II Life Festival Oświęcim.

The voting lasted for one week. At the top of the list is a mega-hit “You’re Beautiful” from Blunt’s  dubut album “Back To Bedlam”. The runner-up is a ballad “Goodbye My Lover”. Third place is for “1973”, an opening song of the album “All The Lost Souls”.

Top 10 best songs by James Blunt according to RMF FM listeners:

1. You're Beautiful
2. Goodbye My Lover
3. 1973
4. Stay the Night
5. Carry You Home
6. Same Mistake
7. High
8. So Far Gone
9. Love Love Love
10. Wisemen

A majority of the songs above Blunt will sing at the final concert od II Life Festival, at MOSiR Stadium in Oświęcim (June 18th). This will be the only Polish gig during the tournee promoting the newest Blunt’s album “Some Kind Of Trouble”, released in the late 2010.